About Us

  About Us

Confident Governance® is the Enterprise Cloud Governance Company. As we explain it to our Grandparents we bring the "Sunshine of Trust to the Cloud." Governance, Security, Risk and Ethical Compliance Collaboration applications that you access over the Internet and pay-as-you-go. Using our applications on our Governance as a Service  platform you can infuse transparency and trust amongst your executives and stakeholders without technical complexity and without having to worry about buying hardware and software. Find out why more than 87,200 companies have chosen our platform of choice Force.com to help run their business.

Our Mission

Democratizing the Business of Governance!
Sustainable Ethical Growth with Lowest Risk *  ALL Entities All Sizes Globally

Confident Governance® and our products are developed with a simple goal in mind: to help companies achieve and maintain highest Ethical Governance and Risk Management standards across all spectrums of operations. Leveraging power of Cloud Computing we are on a mission to build products that can scale to support largest organizations, but are easily affordable for Smallest enterprises and individuals needing to manage risks effectively to govern their lives and operations better. We exist to serve entities who want a quality Governance Risk and Compliance management system going above and beyond all the madness and complexities of solutions that cost millions just to implement. Products that go beyond the status quo with word processing documents and spreadsheets and unleash true collaboration in the enterprise. Every aspect of our Governance as a Service is designed to make it easier for businesses to implement an Effective Governance, Risk and Security Compliance system to provide clear transparency with easiest non-technical operation enabling truly "Confident Governance®"

Global organizations of all sizes; public, private or not-for profit can use Confident Governance® solutions for many uses including but not limited to:

  • Cyber Security Risk Management
  • Quality and Process Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate and Regulatory Compliance
  • Sustainability Initiatives

Confident Governance's product portfolio comprises of a comprehensive suite of applications based on the patent-pending Cloud Governance as a Service Platform named ClearGRC®. These market leading Sustainable Governance, Risk and Security Compliance applications are designed to effectively govern and provide transparency and monitoring across compliance with quality and security standards, industry regulations, risk programs and corporate policies. for private and public global organizations of all sizes.

While the need for Governance is universal its applications and execution differ by each industry and organization type as well as unique regulatory needs. This why Confident Governance's unique Cloud Governance. Rules Studio delivers thousands of industry vertical driven GRCweaver business rules designed to provide the right type of governance and risk "fuel" for the unique industry segment that different organizations belong to.

Leading organizations in industries such as healthcare, technology, public sector, pharmaceutical, medical device, high-tech manufacturing, energy, financial services, manufacturing, etc. use Confident Governance® platform to manage quality and reliability of Corporate Governance, Cyber-security and Compliance related processes, corporate policies, regulatory and industry-mandated compliance and governance initiatives.

  Simplicity is Natural - Complexity is Toxic

Our philosophy is to keep things simple. We research and work with experts, global governance, risk, security and privacy specialists. Legal and compliance auditors and experienced quality compliance professionals to build the most easy to use and intuitive to implement Governance and Security Risk management systems leveraging the Cloud Governance as a Service platform.

Like the Japanese art of "Wabi-Sabi" - Beauty in Simplicity, we stick to the following basic tenets:

  • "We value usability and simplicity over complex depth of functionality just for its sake."
  • "We like to be unparalleled and outstanding in solving the most common problems, rather than doing an average job in solving all problems."
  • "We prefer to be nimble and agile improving and rolling out things quickly with customer feedback, rather than taking long time to decide what is right on our own."
  • "We prefer minimal footprint and maximum impact - Minimal on our customers wallets, minimal on Mother Earth's resources. Maximum Cloud Computing driven efficiency and savings in our business passed on to Maximum value for our customers."

  Thank You

We hope you like what you see, sign up for the trial, and become a ClearGRC®  customer. We won't cost you an arm and a leg but we will lift combined heavy loads that your other systems can't even come close to lifting. But even after reading to this point you are not ready yet, we hope you will be our friends and come back again and we thank you for the time you spent visiting us today and hope to see you back soon as a customer.

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For more information send us an email: info at confidentgovernance dot com 
Confident Governance® is headquartered in Reston, VA with offices in Mumbai, India.