MISTI CISO Leadership Summit 2017

MISTI CISO Leadership Summit 2017
3 Ingredients of Life for the Winning CISO success Innovation, Agility & Transparency- Lessons from the world of Music, Martial Arts and Entrepreneurship
April 2, 2017 / Location : Championsgate, Florida
Summary :

Real life Leadership and personal success Entrepreneurship fundamentals from a Serial, CyberSecurity Master the rapid velocity of change in the CISO world leveraging the timeless core principles of being Agile in executing and performing any major initiative/Entrepreneurship. Understand in real life context of parallels between Martial Arts, Music and Entrepreneurship and what they can teach the CISO to take their game to the next level. Agility is not an idea, it’s a way of life and a way of survival to keep one step ahead of the next unknown Risk. It’s the best friend one can cultivate to succeed in his/her professional life.

Pace of Technology continues to evolve at speeds that humans have never experienced in recent history. Security in the world of IoT, BYOD, and Cyber Warfare is more now of a continuously evolving art rather than science...

  • Learn lessons of leadership and survival from an Entrepreneur who bootstrapped his companies to Inc 500 award list.
  • Use the mind of the Martial Artist to turn the adversity of your deep Security challenges into your advantages.
  • Security and the world of CISO is usually not considered innovative and certainly not a pleasing art like music for a business. Apply the lessons of a lifelong student of Music and his struggles to take your CISO life to new creative agility.
  • Backups are essential in IT and in the world of CISO. Essential and fortuitous overlap and expertise of Bhavesh in three domains of Entrepreneurship, Martial Arts and Music will lead you to think anew in creating the robust, agile and continuously resilient Security organization for the next decade.