ConfidentNow Webinar Series

ConfidentNow Webinar Series
Webinar Series : Part 3
Leveraging Agility In Compliance Through Dynamic Reporting & Effective ERM
November 10, 2016, 3:00 pm EST / 2:00 pm CDT / 12:00 pm PST

Speakers :

Bhavesh Bhagat
Chairman & Co-Founder
Confident Governance,USA
Jay Crossland
President & Founder,
Crossland Advisors Inc, USA

Summary :
In this third part of the four part ConfidentNow Webinar Series on leveraging Emerging Technologies to achieve Agility in Compliance programs, Serial Entrepreneur Bhavesh Bhagat and Industry Expert Jay Crossland will discuss about Efficient Reporting Capabilities and Effective Enterprise Risk Management Strategies in order to achieve Agility in Compliance . While the first two sessions of the series dealt with the Compliance Challenges and the comparison of Conventional GRC Tools with Agile Tools, this one is particularly focussed on dynamic Reporting Capabilities that can take Organizational Compliance to another level.