Webinar 2016

Leveraging Agility In Governing Health IT Compliance
January 26 , 2016  , 12pm CST | 1pm EST | 11am MT | 10am PST | 9am AKST | 8am HAST
SPEAKER : Bhavesh Bhagat, CEO,Confident Governance/Encrisp LLC
              Julie Hoyte, President & CEO, Health Information Technology Solutions, LLC
1. Having an Efficient Compliance Program is not an option any more, it has become a mandatory aspect of every Organization’s Growth and Operations. As with other Industries, Health IT also has specific Frameworks and guidelines for Compliance. Discover the significance of having an Agile and Scalable Compliance program for global Healthcare Organizations.
2. Discuss in detail the Compliance challenges that Organizations globally face in the dynamically changing Business environment. Different countries have numerous Federal and State Organizations which Govern framework for Health IT. However, this Process is not in bee line as the Code Sets, Regulation, Standards, Operating rules, etc… are updated frequently. Emerging trends in the healthcare industry can present Healthcare Organizations with Opportunities and Risks. Boards may need to compare their own data with that of peers while assessing their Risk and Compliance. Additionally, Boards may be asked significant Compliance-oriented questions by various Stakeholders , Patients, Employees, Government Officials, Donors and the Whistleblowers
3. Learn to tackle these Compliance challenges “Confidently”. In this one and the first of a kind Webinar, Bhavesh Bhagat, Global Leader in Risk Management and Compliance, along with Health IT Practitioner Julie Hoyte, gives useful insights on how Health IT Compliance can be Governed with Agility.