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Proceeding ConfidentNow Webinar Series on Achieving Agility in Compliance, Confident Governance Chairman Bhavesh Bhagat to discuss Effective mapping of Enterprise Risks and Compliance with Industry Expert Jay Crossland

Reston, VA, USA. 7th November 2016 -

Continuing the global discussion on Agile Compliance, global Expert Bhavesh C. Bhagat and Jay Crossland will be giving useful insights on significance of dynamic Reporting and mapping of Risks with Compliance in the third of the four part ConfidentNow Webinar Series. The Webinar titled “Leveraging Agility in Compliance through Dynamic Reporting & Effective ERM” is scheduled for 10th November 2016 @ 3:00 pm EST.

As cases of fraud & non-Compliance are on the rise globally, Confident Governance is on a mission to empower Organizations with Robust Compliance, ERM & Governance Strategies to overcome the incompetence that lead to fraudulent activities. With this goal, Confident Governance launched the four part ConfidentNow webinar series on achieving Agility in Compliance in August 2016. The third webinar in this series focuses on Compliance Reporting and mapping of Enterprise Risks with Compliance, so as to achieve targeted Business goals.

Mr. Bhavesh Bhagat will be accompanied by Compliance Expert Jay Crossland in this discussion. While Bhavesh will be bringing to the table his expertise on Entrepreneurship, GRC & Enterprise Risk Management, Jay will share his insights from his 25 years experience in Compliance field. Propelling ahead along with in the direction of providing excellence in Governance Strategies, Confident Governance Chairman Bhavesh Bhagat mentioned “The benefits of Agility are huge & unmatched. It now depends on the Board & the C-Suite to not just Comply with Industry Rules but to truly imbibe Confidence in Governance and give Compliance a Competitive edge”.

This live webinar is on 10th November 2016 @ 3:00 pm EST. Registration is FREE and can be done at

About Confident Governance

GEW 50 Award Winning Company Confident Governance® is the first “native” purpose built Enterprise Cloud Governance Company delivering patent pending innovative Cloud Security, Governance, Risk management and Compliance product portfolio on the world’s largest Cloud Computing platform It’s industry leading products make Governance and Risk Management powerful and affordable for Organizations of all sizes enabling them to not only focus on Governance from within but also from universal external shifts in Risks, using Social Media and Geo-spatial location based information. Using ConfidentG applications you can infuse Transparency and Trust amongst your Executives and Stakeholders without Technical complexity and without having to worry about buying hardware and software. Every aspect of Confident Governance products is designed to make it easier for Businesses to implement an effective Governance, Risk and Security Compliance System to provide clear Transparency with easiest non-technical operation enabling “Confidence” in Governance.

About Crossland Advisors

Crossland Advisors, Inc. is a Greater Philadelphia based IT risk and control Advisory Services firm. Their services include IT Compliance programs and processes; Readiness Assessments; IT Risk and Control Assessments, Rationalization, Design, Implementation and Remediation; IT Internal Audit; and IT Process and Effectiveness Assessments and Solutions. Crossland Advisors also Partners with other firms, such as Confident Governance, to provide additional related Services.

Crossland Advisors is led by Jay Crossland, who has an extensive thirty-eight-year background in IT, Auditing, Accounting and Project Management for virtually every Industry.