Solid Security and Assurance


Rock Solid Security and Assurance

Best-in-Class Security with Advanced Document Encryption
Best-in-class security is critical in a secure ConfidentG® environment. ConfidentG® applies the most advanced document encryption and security technology available today to its secure ConfidentG® software. Best-in-class security ensures that everything done by authorized users in the ConfidentG® will be kept confidential, and will not be vulnerable to security breaches. ConfidentG®'s bullet-proof security and document encryption technology works with the same efficiency whether you have 5 or 50,000 end users in the cloud computing platform powered by

ConfidentG® Security Features:

  • Strong Two-factor Authentication: Access to ConfidentG® is through a password-based authentication system. Additionally, two-factor authentication is achieved through a unique password sent to an authorized user's actual Login DEVICE (mobile, ipad, iphone, laptop or computer). The password is valid for just that user and for only that device. Existing authentication infrastructure such as single network logon or smartcards can be integrated into the ConfidentG® with customization on as well.
  • Strong Document Encryption: Strong 128-bit encryption on the server provides powerful document encryption and prevents unauthorized access, including access by unauthorized IT personnel. All data uploaded to the data room server and downloaded from the server and displayed on an authorized user's browser is encrypted with 128-bit SSL.
  • Fine-grained Access Control: A granular, yet flexible access rights model allows for either a user-based or a group-based definition of permissions for all users. A rich inventory of access rights includes read-only document access, as well as field level access controls at lowest application levels for read-only restrictions and validations as needed.
  • Tamper-Proof Audit Trail: All actions are recorded in a tamper-proof audit trail, providing a completely transparent and fully documented information flow. The data reports may be formatted in a variety of different ways.


Top Security and Assurance for ConfidentG® Force.Com Platform Solutions 

ISO 27001 certified security 
Independent audits confirm that our security goes far beyond what most companies have been able to achieve on their own. Using the latest firewall protection, intrusion-detection systems, and SSL encryption, gives you the peace of mind only a world-class security infrastructure can provide.

Third-party validation 
Security is a multidimensional business imperative that demands consideration at every level, from security for applications to physical facilities and network security. In addition to the latest technologies, world-class security requires ongoing adherence to best-practice policies. To ensure this adherence, we continually seek relevant third-party certification, including ISO 27001, the SysTrust audit (the recognized standard for system security), and SysTrust SAS 70 Type II (an attestation for internal corporate controls).

Protection at the application level protects customer data by ensuring that only authorized users can access it.
Administrators assign data security rules that determine which data users can access. Sharing models define company-wide defaults and data access based on a role hierarchy. All data is encrypted in transfer. All access is governed by strict password security policies. All passwords are stored in MD-5 hash format. Applications are continually monitored for security violation attempts.

Protection at the facilities level security standards are on par with the best civilian data centers in the world, including the world's most security-conscious financial institutions. Authorized personnel must pass through five levels of biometric scanning to reach the system cages. All buildings are completely anonymous, with bullet-resistant exterior walls and embassy-grade concrete posts and planters around the perimeter. All exterior entrances feature silent alarm systems that notify law enforcement in the event of suspicion or intrusion. Data is backed up to disk and to tape, with tape providing a second level of physical protection. Neither disks nor tapes ever leave the data center.

Protection at the network level 
Multilevel security products from leading security vendors and proven security practices ensure network security. To prevent malicious attacks through unmonitored ports, external firewalls allow only http and https traffic on ports 80 and 443, along with ICMP traffic. Switches ensure that the network complies with the RFC 1918 standard, and address translation technologies further enhance network security. IDS sensors protect all network segments. Internal software systems are protected by two-factor authentication, along with the extensive use of technology that controls points of entry. All networks are certified through third-party vulnerability assessment programs.

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Key Features of the Force.Com based ConfidentG® platform's Secure Data Center

  • Operation in secure datacenters
  • 24x7x365 server and user management backed up by an SLA
  • Automated backup and disaster recovery processes
  • Firewalls on multiple levels as well as server load balancing
  • Guaranteed fast response times underpinned by high-performance internet backbone
  • Organizational and technical measures to separate operational levels such as management and support

Security assessments on application and infrastructure levels